Mobile Charging Rules According to Mobile Experts - 2022

Proper mobile charging strategy:- In 2022 more than 90 percent of people are using this smart mobile and button mobile. In that case, the problem we face is that within a year our mobile battery becomes a problem.

Mobile Charging Rules According to Mobile Experts - 2022

That's why today I will tell you in detail how to charge your mobile phone and how to use the mobile phone so that your battery will not go down, you can get all the related information from this post. But yes you must read this post carefully.

Reasons for the sudden decrease in mobile charge

80% of users lose their mobile batteries within a year. For this reason, to keep the battery of the mobile phone in good condition, you must first know the rules of charging the mobile phone. To keep the mobile battery good

You need to be careful how you charge your mobile. Because if you charge the battery incorrectly, the battery can be damaged quickly.

Without knowing the correct rules for charging a smartphone, charging the smartphone incorrectly can cause a sudden decrease in the charge of the mobile phone, swell the mobile battery, automatically run out of charge, and in some cases, more serious problems may occur. So if you want to keep your phone battery good for a long time, you need to know the correct mobile charging rules.

Mobile Charging Rules According To Mobile Experts

Mobile Charging Rules According to Mobile Experts - 2022

In the new situation, we don't care much about smartphones. That's the biggest problem. Because in a very short time the condition of our mobile battery is rapidly deteriorating.

So if you want your phone's battery to last forever, you must know how to charge your phone properly. The only way to keep your mobile battery healthy is to charge it properly.

When is the time to charge the mobile?

When will you charge the mobile phone? The right time to charge a smartphone is when the battery is less than 50% charged. It is better to keep the mobile charge between 50% and 90%. Whenever the amount drops below 50%, it does not take much time to charge the mobile. One more thing to remember don't charge more than 90% – 95%. So keep the charger open after 90% charge. If you charge according to the rules, the mobile battery will be 100% very good.

How much % below the charge is not right to run that mobile?

You don't remember to charge your mobile while playing various games on mobile, watching videos on YouTube, visiting various websites, and many more. But when you suddenly see a low battery signal, it means your phone has a 20% charge. However, we are so busy doing it that even if the charge is much less than 20%, we don't stop doing that.

And this is how 55% of people drain their mobile phone battery power day after day. When the mobile battery charge is less than 20% it becomes weak in many cases. So day after day when using heavy games, and apps on mobile with less than 20% charge, the battery is weakened.

So the first way to keep your mobile battery good for a long time is to never let your phone charge below 20%. Moreover, if the charge is less than 20%, do not use the mobile.

According to the experts, how much is mobile charging %?

If your question is - will you charge 100%? No, never charge your phone to 100%. Various mobile experts say that charging a smartphone to 90-95% rather than charging it to 100% will keep the battery healthy. So you should try to charge between 90-95%.

But yes, this process will recalibrate the battery, and Android OS will be able to show the correct battery level of your phone again. So have to pay 0-100% charge at least 1-2 times a month.

What can be done by charging the mobile phone?

The one-word answer does not to use the phone while charging. Many people play games, watch videos, or do other things with mobile charges. This can cause the mobile phone battery to explode. You will see such mobile explosion news in various news. So don't do this. It will keep your battery good.

When the mobile is in use while charging, the display, processor, and other components of the mobile use power from the battery. This may overheat the mobile battery. This can drain your mobile battery in a very short time.

How much battery drain if Bluetooth is turned on?

Turning off Bluetooth doesn't save much battery life. A typical 26-hour test showed that leaving Bluetooth on only saved 1.8% of battery life. How much battery drain does leaving Bluetooth on have?

49.4% with Bluetooth on and 51% off with Bluetooth on A full battery charge cycle shows that Bluetooth is only 4% overcharged. And with this 4% battery, you can get 10 to 15 minutes of charge.

So it is not necessary to always turn off Bluetooth to save battery charge. Especially when the phone is in sleep mode, Bluetooth is turned on and doesn't affect the battery.

Use of mobile apps to prevent battery drain

Some app is always working on your phone. There are many background functions which means there are compromises that are not needed, they are used to charge the mobile. For that, you can use a good android mobile battery optimization app. This app also helps to cool down the battery when it gets hot.

It will save the mobile charge from running out quickly and the battery will also be good. According to experts, using such apps to keep the mobile battery in good condition is very beneficial.

Is it right to charge the mobile all night?

Leaving the mobile charging all night is very bad for the battery. For example, how much do you eat when you are hungry, what will happen if you eat more than that, the mobile battery is like that.

Charging the battery more than it needs to be charged will naturally have a bad effect on the battery and cause various charging-related problems. So try to charge as much as you need. Don't charge your mobile all night.

What happens if you use a power bank or other charger?

No, never do that. This will reduce the battery life of the mobile phone. If your charger is damaged or cannot be found, use another good-quality charger.

Do not use substandard chargers. It damages the battery. Using cheap and cheap chargers can cause many mobile batteries to catch fire. So use the charger provided with your phone as much as possible. Do not use a power bank.

If the charger is damaged, the mobile company will go to the service center and try to buy the original charger. Everyone needs to follow this to keep the mobile battery in good condition.

An effective way to fast mobile charging

  • Use your good quality charger.
  • Stop using third-party battery apps.
  • Keep airplane mode enabled.
  • Turn off the phone and charge it.
  • Stop using a laptop or multiplug.
  • Do not use or leave the phone on while charging.
  • Close unnecessary apps and features.
  • Use a USB adapter.
  • Use a phone case.

How to find a good mobile charger

A charger is required to keep the phone alive. But there are many fake chargers in the market now. Buying and using this fake charger can cause the phone to explode.

It's hard to tell the difference between genuine and fake chargers from Samsung. A text is printed on the charger. Check A-plus, Made in China text carefully to see if the charger feature is written or not. It's more likely to be a fake if it's true.

What Power full battery, price less than 20 thousand rupees?

A bunch of fake iPhone chargers is sold on the open market. So how do you know which is fake? The original charger says “Designed by Apple in California.” The color of the Apple logo on the fake charger is relatively black. So check carefully before buying.

Mr. Xiaomi Pick up the charger and measure how big the cable is. If it is less than 120 cm and the adapter is relatively large, it is not a real charger.

However, it is not difficult to detect a fake charger of One Plus. When you charge the phone with the dash charger, the flash will light up. If you see only the charging signal on the screen without the flash, close your eyes and understand that it is fake.

Huawei also easy to identify the original charger. Match the information printed on the charger with the barcode information on the charger. If it matches, it's the original charger. And if it doesn't match then it's fake. In this way, buy a good charger from each company.

New mobile charging rules

It was a common practice to buy a new mobile phone and charge it for eight hours before using it for the first time. At that time our gadgets used nickel-cadmium batteries or nickel metal hydride batteries. In those days we could use our mobiles only after 80% charge.

But people also sweetly set many rules for themselves like turning off the mobile and charging or using it when it is 100% charged. And that new battery takes five to six to seven hours to charge to 100%. But still, we're sure we can be a little more confident with up to eight hours of charge. For some, it's impossible to sit still until fully charged. So it turns into a whirlwind and sticks in our ears for eight hours.

In fact, why would it be? The real reason why at least 60% charge is mandatory is the “memory effect” or “battery effect”. Neither nickel-cadmium batteries nor nickel metal hydride batteries can hold much charge for this effect. This is usually caused by the mobile phone battery automatically draining due to this “memory effect”. This problem occurs when nickel-cadmium batteries or nickel metal hydride batteries are used before 60% charge or recharge.

Current batteries are lithium called Li-Ion or Li-PO. The “memory effect” is not present in this kind of battery. So even if I don't follow any such rule while charging, I will continue. This type of battery will not cause any problems if used without charging.

However, lithium batteries have a general limitation. That is, stop using your phone when the charge is 10% and charge when your battery is below 40%. Also, using the phone while charging is dangerous and stupid.

Dangerous because the radioactivity rate of the mobile then increases drastically and it is stupid because pouring water through one of the two open mouth pipes will cause the water to come out the other side. If you think that the pipe will be full for a while, isn't it foolish? When charge and discharge go together, nothing can be stored.


As said earlier, these were just a few guidelines that can help you with the right mobile charging etiquette this year. While some tips may not be new to you, others are likely new to many. That's why we make sure to share them on the blog as well so that everyone understands how they need to act and behave while using a phone charger.

From not crowding others when charging a device to ensuring that your phone batteries don’t run out of time easily, use these tips, Thanks for reading our website.

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