What Is The Propose Of Google? Why Is It Made?

I have already site This above. In Facts, Google was originally search engine whose purpose was the to provide the millions of different information on the internet as easily and accurately as we needed. And Google has served this purpose very well in the pest and still does. This , However is the real reason for Google's success.

What Is The Propose Of Goggle? Why Is It Made?

Today in 2019, Goggle is not just a search engine. It has become a Multinational company. And apart form simply providing accurate information as a search engine, Google has many purposes. For example, you mast know Andorite OS. Google chrome browser, Gmail, YouTube, Google Ad sense, Google map, Google translate, And many more products or services of Google.  
In this case, Google's objective is to make the lifestyle of the common people much easier simple and better with various digital  products and services, apps, software. Moreover, day by day new online or web services are promoted by Google. Our online life has become much easier.

Some Famous Products Of  Google Their Work

In any case, Google has many types of work  apps, software, extensions, online services. But blow, I will only talk about some of the best and most useful Google products.

1. Google Drive

What is Google drive? I have told you before. Using Google drive, you can easily save any file, software, images, PDF file in Google could storage. In this, Your mobile or computer storage spaces will be and you can access download those files again form anywhere.    

2. Google Map

Many of us must be using Google map on Your mobiles. Using this services of  Google, we can find the location or address of any place very easily. Many people are getting profit by using the services.

3. Google Play App Store 

Trough Google play app store, we can get easily thousands off free and paid applications for our android mobiles.

4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best and most profitable way to earn many online from advertising on the internet. And, what is Google Adsense? I have already said, how to earn money from it.

5. Google adwords

With this online services of Google. you can inform people about your business by marketing or promoting your business or product online on the internet. In this, the amount of profit in your business will increase.

6. Google Pay 

This Google pay is a mobile wallet app that is use a lot. Using this mobile wallet app we can send money from our bank account to any bank account from mobile. Whit this, you can do all kinds of tasks like your own or others mobile reaches and bill payment form your won bank account at home.

7. Google translate

Google translate is an online service that we can use to change, translate or translate any language  to any other language. For example, if you want to translate any word or sentence Bengali  to English or English to Bengali, you can easily do it from anywhere using this Google services. 

8. You Tube 

We all know what You Tube is why You Tube usage in increasing. You Tube is Today a medium  through which we can learn about anything through videos. You can watch entertainment videos, tutorial videos, informational videos, and all most any types of videos here for free. Today people are learning many things at home watching videos trough You Tube. 

Moreover You Tube has proven to be the best way to earn many online from home. I
have already told you how to earn money You Tube.

9. Android OS    

The operating system running on our Android smartphone is Android OS and it is also google's. Today Android mobile has become the most sold mobile phone in the world. And by getting an Android mobile at very low price, all kinds of people can take advantage of a smartphone.

10. Blogger.com 

Today blogger is the biggest, popular and popular free platform that we can use to create a free website or blog. With blogger millions are people making money online by creating their own website. I have already told you, how to create a blogger blog.

Then we see how advanced and easy Google has made our daily life with its various products and services.

What Is The Full From Of Google? 

Generally, goggle's full name or full from is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth . But, there is a lot of confusion that Google doesn't actually have a full name. And its could also be that goggle itself Is a word coined by the owners Google.

Officially, the word Google does not a full name. As I said above the word Google is derived from the word Google and it means very large number.

Final Word

So guys, I hope like today is article about google. Thanks for reading our web site. please share my website.

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