Pet Remembrance Day – July 5, 2023

Every year on July 5th, the United Kingdom observes Pet Remembrance Day honors cherished pets who have passed away. Did you know that the earliest pets were dogs, the first tamed animals? Lars Anderson, the creator of Arty Lobster, and "Pets Magazine" came up with the idea for Pet Remembrance Day (a 3D printing company). Pet owners come together to remember their deceased pets, share images of them, and remember the wonderful times they shared with them while they were still living on Pet Remembrance Day. On Pet Remembrance Day, all companion animals are honored, including dogs, cats, horses, and ferrets.


Pet Remembrance Day

History Of Pet Remembrance Day

Pet ownership dates back to when people first started domesticating animals. Dogs are thought to have been the first animals to be domesticated and the first pets. Archaeological findings suggest that humans first kept dogs as pets some 12,000 years ago. According to experts, the advantages humans and dogs shared led to their companionship in the first place. Dogs assisted people in catching games by using their speed, strong jaws, and tracking skills. In exchange, humans received a steady source of food and comfort. Around this time, people started burying pets with their owners, and they occasionally gave them special funerals with expensive objects buried with them.


Horses were first used in chariot warfare in the Middle East during antiquity, and this practice quickly extended to the rest of the Old World, including ancient Greece and Rome. The result of this technique was the development of a warm bond between humans and horses. The bond between Alexander the Great and his horse, Bucephalus, is one of the well-known examples. Dog naming first became popular in ancient Egypt. In Britain during the 17th and 18th centuries, only the affluent classes kept pets, which served as a sign of their social and economic standing.


When the middle class emerged in the 19th century, pet ownership became a part of bourgeois culture. Most of Europe and the United States had developed a sizable pet-care sector by the end of the 19th century. Pets are becoming significant in human socioeconomic life. In addition to providing companionship, they benefit their owners financially and provide entertainment through pet shows, TV shows, movies, and social media.


Why Pet Remembrance Day Is Important


1. Pet Remembrance Day is an opportunity to fight against animal cruelty

An animal is abused every minute, with dogs constituting the majority of the victims. People who care about pets and animals, in general, may use Pet Remembrance Day as a chance to take action against animal cruelty. They can raise money for animal organizations, plan an animal cruelty awareness event, or volunteer at an animal shelter.

2. It brings bereaved pet owners together

Additionally, Pet Remembrance Day gives pet owners a chance to connect, which makes sorrow easier to handle. This bond can develop at their pet memorial service or when they post their beloved dogs' heartwarming recollections online.

3. It commemorates the memory of beloved deceased pets

Pet owners can commemorate their deceased pets, who were members of their family, on Pet Remembrance Day. It's a day for these pet owners to mourn their deceased animals, exchange happy memories, and, if they like, hold a memorial service in the animal's memory.


Pet Remembrance Day Timeline


over 12,000 years ago

ownership of dogs

Dogs are first kept as pets by humans.


the 17th century

Pets As Social Status Signals

As a symbol of their aristocratic rank, the British nobility begins keeping dogs as pets.


Century 19

Pets Used for Financial Gain

People start businesses in pet ownership and pet care to make money.


Century 21

The Flexibility of Animals

Today's pets offer their owners a variety of advantages, including companionship, assistance for the disabled, profit, and entertainment.


5 Cute Facts About Pets


1. Cats have a long memory

Compared to chimpanzees and orangutans, cats' memories can last up to 16 hours.

2. Dogs sweat through their paws

Their sweat glands are situated between their paws, which explains this.

3. A cute sleep-lover

Cats sleep for up to 16 hours every day for almost 70% of their whole lifetimes.

4. Cats only meow to humans

Once they reach adulthood, cats exclusively meow to communicate with people and quit meowing to themselves.

5. Cats are not the most popular pets

In the United States, fish are the most common pet, followed by cats and dogs.


Pet Remembrance Day FAQS

What do you say about the loss of a pet?

You can start by expressing your sympathies (I'm sorry for your loss or I'm sorry), and after that, ask them to share some of their favorite pet-related memories with you. That might help your friend or pet owner feel less pain.

Why is losing a pet so painful?

Because of the emotional bond that exists between a pet owner and their animal companion, losing a pet is upsetting, much like losing a family member. These companion animals are more than simply pets; they are also a source of comfort, delight, and unwavering affection.

How do you get over losing a pet?

You must first permit yourself to grieve. After that, hold a memorial service for the animal, join a support group for animals, consult a therapist, and assist other animals. After you've mourned your loss, consider getting a new pet.


How To Observe Pet Remembrance Day


1. Volunteer at animal charities

One method to cope with the loss of your pet and support the battle against animal cruelty is to assist other animals. You can lend a helping hand at a local animal charity or a shelter for animals. To collect money for animal charities that support neglected and abused pets and domestic animals, you can also, if it's possible, arrange a sponsored walk, run, or bake sale.

2. Adopt a pet

Giving a home to a pet is another way to observe Pet Remembrance Day. You prevent a pet from being put to death by finding them a new home. By saving the life of an additional animal, you can honor the memory of a lost companion.

3. Hold a memorial service

One of the most amazing ways to memorialize your pet on Pet Remembrance Day is to plan a memorial service. The place of the memorial service can be your pet's grave or their favorite walking or playing area. If it's possible, place a floral wreath in the spot where loved ones are invited to share their most cherished memories of your pet. Use the hashtag #PetRemembranceDay on social media to post memories of your pet if you are unable to hold a memorial ceremony.


Pet Remembrance Day Dates





July 5



July 5



July 5



July 5


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