National Pet Hydration Awareness Month – 1st July 2023

In order to promote awareness of the value of pet hydration, July is designated as National Pet Hydration Awareness Month. Our pets depend on us to maintain a full bowl and a hydrated body, but people have turned to hourly reminders to keep up with their water needs throughout the day. We must increase our own and our pets' hydration in July because of the intense heat. Dehydration in pets can rapidly deteriorate. However, there aren't many advertisements, wellness authorities, or social media celebrities reminding us of this.


National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

History Of National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

Keeping your pets hydrated is the best defense against the oppressively hot July sun. Pet dehydration is a serious issue that affects your pet's overall health and well-being but is frequently ignored. Pets' bodies are 80 percent water, just like human bodies, and a sudden stop in constant replenishment can severely restrict their movement and strength. Additionally, a severe instance of chronic dehydration might be fatal.


The purpose of National Pet Hydration Awareness Month is to raise awareness of the value of being hydrated and to inform pet owners of the early warning signs of dehydration, such as lack of appetite, fatigue, and loss of skin suppleness. The month also intensifies public awareness of the risks of water intoxication, which develops from repeated exposure to water sources like swimming pools or garden hoses. Some of the first indications of water intoxication include excessive salivation, convulsions, vomiting, and bloating.


Pet Safe created the month to promote water consumption for domesticated animals as they brave the warmest month of the year in the United States. Consider your dogs every time you pick up a glass. We are urged by the yearly observation to restrict their exposure to extremely hot or cold weather. Water that has recently been filtered should always be available to your dogs. Setting daily alarms, checking on the bowls, and being aware of the signs of dehydration are all advised because we are in charge of ensuring that our four-legged friends are well hydrated.


How to Observe National Pet Hydration Awareness Month

1. Set an alarm

We advise you to do the same with your pet pals if constant alarms have helped you stay consistent with daily water consumption over the past few months. Keep track of your pet's daily water consumption and set reminders to top off their supply at regular times throughout the day.

2. Check the gums

Dehydration can cause many different symptoms, but the mouth is where it most often shows itself. Gums that are dry and sticky are the most obvious signs of dehydration. Canines, felines, and nearly all other animals salivate nonstop and only stop when forced to. Gummies that are dry and unpaired are a sign of dehydration.

3. Fill the bowl every day

We comprehend how much responsibility owning a pet might entail. Additionally, with the daily hustle, important tasks like keeping your pet hydrated are likely to fall off your list of top priorities. Make it a point to regularly refresh your dog's water bowl during the month of July, regardless of the residue. Plan frequent cleaning and maintenance of the dish as well to keep it clean and safe.

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month Timeline

9000 B.C.

The first species of animal tamed for meat and fur by the nomadic people is the First Pet Sheep.



An Illustration of Dogs

The American Kennel Club was founded to promote domesticated dogs' safety.



Pet Safe is criticized.

Pet Safe, a manufacturer of electronic pet training aids, begins operations in the United States.



A New Month has Begun

July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month, according to Pet Safe.

5 Symptoms Of Dehydration In Pets

1. Lethargy

A pathological state of inattentiveness and sleepiness results from dehydration.

2. Panting

Even after light effort, a lack of water in the system depletes energy and causes frequent panting.

3. Dry nose and gums

The pets lose their habit of regular salivation as a result of dehydration.

4. Appetite loss

Dehydration dulls the digestive process, which causes appetite loss.

5. Loss of skin elasticity

Lack of moisture causes the skin and fur to lose their luster and suppleness.


National Pet Hydration Awareness Month FAQS

What are the signs of dehydration in a cat?

The most obvious symptom of cat dehydration is dry, sticky gums.

Is cold water bad for dogs?

It's generally okay for dogs to occasionally drink freezing cold water, but doing so frequently might get them sick from hypothermia.

How much water should a dog drink in a day?

A dog should consume one ounce of water for every pound of body weight. A 16-pound dog, for instance, would need 16 ounces of water each day.


Why National Pet Hydration Awareness Month Is Important

1. The symptoms aren’t always apparent

Dehydration symptoms can occasionally be difficult to identify because they are similar to those of many other summertime illnesses. Therefore, monitoring their pet's water intake is the wisest course of action for all guardians. During National Pet Hydration Awareness Month, we learn more about how to encourage our pets to drink water.

2. It creates awareness

An abrupt shift in drinking behavior may be a sign of other physical changes in an animal. Leptospirosis, pancreatitis, and parvovirus, for instance, make dogs less likely to go near water. While diabetes and bladder infections can cause excessive thirst. Their drinking habits can be closely monitored to keep their health under control.

3. Summer is here

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month was chosen for July so that we can be especially mindful of the extreme heat and adjust our schedules accordingly. All pet parents are made aware of the warning signs and serious effects of dehydration and overhydration during this month.

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month Dates





July 1



July 1



July 1



July 1


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