National Cousins Day – July 24, 2022

Every year on July 24, National Cousins Day falls, making it the ideal opportunity to show your affection for the relatives we refer to as cousins. Cousins are the ones who, whether they were our first best friend or our first enemy, made family gatherings enjoyable for us as children, or at the very least more bearable and less embarrassing. Those of us who are fortunate enough to still have cousins in our lives should consider honoring them today, whether they are near cousins or far cousins, friends, or adversaries.

National Cousins Day

History Of National Cousins Day

It's unclear when National Cousins Day first appeared on the present calendar. What is certain is that cousins have traditionally maintained ties between families.

Since the earliest pioneers left the protection of the colonies and came west in search of fame, money, and—most importantly—land, American families have gotten together for reunions. Cousins took on the role of preserving family relationships as one generation handed the responsibility to the following generation.

Cousins frequently reach out to one another later in life and revisit the common memories of being related, even in families where regular reunions are no longer held. It might not be necessary to set up a certain day on your calendar to keep in touch with your cousins if you grew up as closest friends or if you were like brothers and sisters. 

Celebrating cousinship requires a bit more work if you come from a small family or one where the wanderlust gene predominates and you're not quite sure where all your cousins ran off to years ago. It could be necessary to mark National Cousins Day on your calendar each year as a justification for greeting your childhood cousins.

However, seeing a family member again after being made to eat at the kids' table together is usually an interesting and sentimental reunion. You can see where your life has led you, the families you've built, the occupations you've pursued, and the changes in your appearance through time.

When Is National Cousins Day

On July 24, National Cousins Day is observed to honor the unique relationship between best friends and family members.

Traditions Of The Day

Those who have best friends who are also their cousins are fortunate. On National, Cousin Day, cherish this relationship! With cousins, one of the few people you can truly be yourself around, go on excursions, eat at your favorite restaurant, or simply be yourself and relax in your room.

If you have special pictures of you and your cousins from when you were little, think about recreating them in a new photo with the same poses and attire and posting it on social media.

National Cousins Day Timeline

Eight Cousins in 1875

"Eight Cousins," a book by Louisa May Alcott, was released.


turned upside down, flipped

The first episode of Will Smith's "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," which follows a young guy who moves in with his aunt, uncle, and cousins, aired on NBC.


I am with my cousins.

Vampire Weekend, an independent brand, just released the hit song "Cousins."


Good day, neighbor

In 2019, Tom Hanks, who portrayed Mister Rogers in the movie "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," discovered they are sixth cousins.

By The Numbers

  • There are 25 states in the United States where it is forbidden to wed your first cousin.

  • Between 1650 and 1850, fourth cousins made up the majority of married couples.

  • The amount of DNA that fourth cousins share is 0.20 percent.

  • The proportion of DNA that third cousins share is 0.78 percent.

  • The proportion of DNA that second cousins share is 3.13 percent.

  • The proportion of DNA that first cousins share is 12.5%.

  • Five is the average number of first cousins a British individual has.

  • The typical British citizen has 1,570 fourth cousins, according to statistics.

  • The largest family reunion ever was attended by 4,514 people and set a Guinness World Record in 2012.

  • The largest family tree in the world contains 13 million members.

5 Curious Facts About Cousin Relationships 

1. All in the family

Celebrities are no exception to the rule that talent flows in families. Following are some deserving celebrity relatives we have long admired: First cousins include singers Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick, actor Sissy Spacek and actor Rip Torn, singer Brandy and rapper Snoop Dogg, and here's an unusual pair: actress Lauren Bacall and Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

2. Maybe not all in the family

All fifty states allow second-cousin marriages, although most do not allow first-cousin unions.

3. Second cousins

Your second cousin is someone you don't have the same grandmother in common with, but you do.

4. Six degrees of separation 

According to a survey by AncestryDNA, the average British person has more than 193,000 surviving cousins (6th cousin or closer) . We're not sure how many living cousins the average American has, but it makes us wonder how many of us have unintentionally dated a relative.

5. Double Cousins

It seems that double cousins exist! Children of two brothers who marry two sisters are regarded as double first cousins.

National Cousins Day Around The World






Brothers and Sisters Day

May 31

The day honors the relationships between siblings.


Dia dos Irmãos


What National Siblings Day is known as in Portugal.


Bhai Bij

Subject to change depending on the Hindu calendar

The cultural and ritual celebrations of the bond between brothers and sisters.


Raksha Bandhan

Last day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Shraavana

A festival where sisters honor their brothers with the tying of a ‘patti’ around their wrists to signify the strong bond between them.

National Cousins Day FAQS

Who is a cousin?

Cousins are two individuals who have at least two generations between them and their most recent shared ancestor, usually a grandparent.

Can I date my first cousin?

While there are no legal restrictions on dating a first cousin, most states forbid first cousin marriages.

Who is called a First Cousin?

Your aunt's or uncle's offspring are your "first cousins." (Your mother or father's sisters or brothers are your aunts and uncles.) One of your grandparents is the ancestor you share the most in common with a first cousin.

 Why WE Love National Cousins Day

1. Good vibrations

The old saying, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," is true. Positive energy is sent forth when we tell our favorite cousins how much we love and appreciate them and how unique they are. Everyone enjoys feeling unique.

2. Reconnect and make up

Today allows us to repair relationships with distant relatives, starting with our cousins. Reaching out and saying hello can sometimes be all that is necessary to mend things. Use National Cousins Day as an occasion to contact long-lost cousins by phone, email, or social media. No matter what happens, what matters is that you tried.

3. Built-in best friends 

Some of our very first close buddies were our cousins. When our families got together, we would run among them, chat, and smuggle extra food while our parents were not looking.

National Cousins Day Activities

1. Send your DNA off to be tested

Today is the day to place that cotton swab on your cheek and find out who your true blood relatives are (and are not) if you are even the slightest bit intrigued. You'll be able to find cousins you didn't even know you had thanks to DNA testing. Finding out the identities of your long-lost ancestors may be frightening, but hey! National Cousins Day is all about connecting with your cousins.

2. Binge-watch cousin-themed reruns 

It's a fantastic idea to rekindle the odd cousin relationships we used to watch on TV and in movies as children today. Observed the summertime reruns? The majority of old films and numerous sitcoms on TV have been digitized and made available on demand. Some of our preferred cousin-themed songs: Hayley Mills starred in Parent Trap from around 1961, My Cousin Vinny from around 1992 included Joe Pesci, Ralph Macchio, and Marisa Tomei, and Will Smith starred in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from around 1990 to 1996.

3. Host a digital National Cousins Day reunion

Go digital if your cousins are on the other side of the country or the world. Plan a live reunion that will be held on a social media platform with communication features, or employ a webinar service.

National Cousins Day Dates





July 24



July 24



July 24



July 24



July 24


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