Dog House Repair Month – 1st July 2023

Make it a point to upgrade the dog house that was constructed for your four-legged buddy every July during Dog House Repair Month! You can even build a dog house from the start if you don't have the money to buy one already, or you can simply upgrade the one you already have. Yes, this is really important since outdoor dogs need a spot where they can find shade and drink during the hot summer months. So put your creative juices to work and think of ways to make your dog house design better. We assure you that your dog will always be appreciative.

Dog House Repair Month

History of Dog House Repair Month

Chinese people domesticated dogs around 12,000 B.C. and employed them in a variety of ways. In addition to serving as excellent hunting partners and sustenance, dogs were also offered as sacrifices to the gods. While some cultures still practice these customs, other countries place a strong emphasis on recognizing dogs as man's best friend. And because we adore dogs so much, considering ways to improve their quality of life is only natural.

In response to this, Dog House Repair Month was established in 2000. Heidi Richards Mooney, a social media expert, and owner of "WE Magazine for Women," is the day's originator. But the month's creation has a fascinating history all of its own. created to promote Heidi's

The purpose of the program, which was launched by a retail floral store, was to persuade people to do something special for their animal friends. The requirement for constructing and maintaining dog houses was handled as it developed over time into something much bigger. This is crucial, especially in July when it's really hot and dogs might develop heatstroke if they aren't given the right care.

But from where did the concept for building a dog house originate? The earliest structure created specifically for a dog was an Egyptian gravestone from 2589–2566 B.C. Historical records claim that Egyptians also built mud hut-style dog shelters for their hunting dogs. The classic dog home then developed from there. Nowadays, dog houses come with fans, food and water dishes, and other modifications designed to provide dogs with a comfortable life.

Why Dog House Repair Month important

1. It leads to idea generation regarding design

You might have an idea while fixing the dog house for a brand-new, obscenely cozy dog house that no dog would reject.

2. It highlights the dos and don'ts of dog houses

The day examines the rules for preserving dog houses, how they can be improved based on the weather, and which site is ideal for a canine residence.

3. It creates awareness

The month raises awareness of dog houses and the value of yearly maintenance to guarantee your dog has the ideal sleeping environment.

Dog House Repair Month Timeline

The 1700s

The Royal Canine Marie Antoinette has a wooden dog home with silk lining for her canine.


Beginning anew

Frank Lloyd Wright is credited with building the first luxurious dog housing.


Essay in Woof

In "Life" magazine, a photo essay about dog houses is published.

The 1980s


Designs for dog houses change and become fashionable.

5 Fun Facts About Dog Houses

1. Paris Hilton’s dog house

Designer Faye Resnick made the Spanish-style dog house for Paris Hilton's pet.

2. Partitioned dog houses

Large kennels with two entrances, a wall, and room for two dogs are known as partitioned dog houses.

3. Taj Mahal replica

A dog house exists that is a replica of the Taj Mahal.

4. Stress issues

Dogs frequently balk at living in dog homes because they experience separation anxiety.

5. The most expensive dog house in the world

The most expensive dog house in the world costs $417,000 and includes a climate-controlled dog house, a spa pool, a webcam, and a plasma screen TV.

Dog House Repair Month FAQS

Are our dog houses cruel?

If the dog is tethered and kept inside the house no matter the weather, dog houses can be cruel.

Where do you put a dog house in a yard?

Place the dog house in a location with enough space for the dog to run around and shade.

What can I put in my doghouse to keep it warm?

Many items, including blankets, hay, cushions, carpets, etc., can be useful.

How To Celebrate Dog House Repair Month

1. Talk about the month on social media

Share your knowledge of dogs and dog houses on social media so that people in your area may think of ways to make dog houses more pleasant.

2. Visit a dog house exhibit

Visit dog home exhibitions this month to view the various styles that are available. Based on these observations, you can improve your dog housing at any time.

3. Repair your dog house

The moment has come to update and add new features to your dog house. if you have one. This is crucial, especially in the summer when many animals suffer from heatstroke.

Dog House Repair Month Dates





July 1



July 1



July 1



July 1


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