Belarus Independence Day 2023: When, History, How to Celebrate

Every year on July 3, Belarusians commemorate their independence. In Belarus, the day is a government holiday honoring the nation's independence from the Soviet Union. The main events that celebrate the day are military parades and solemn ceremonies presided over by Belarus' president. For the people to celebrate their culture and identity as Belarusians, there are numerous social events and open-air activities. The day is filled with events, and it ends with fireworks displays. Before the Soviet Union's demise, Belarus was the only other nation to have broken away from it.

Belarus Independence Day

When is Independence Day in Belarus?

In Belarus, Independence Day is a recognized holiday. It is celebrated on July 3rd. The liberation of Minsk on July 3, 1944, is commemorated on Belarus' National Day.

History of Independence Day in Belarus

Every year on July 3, Belarus celebrates its independence. This day is set aside to honor Belarus' separation from the Soviet Union and establishment as a sovereign nation. The day is a federal holiday, and several official ceremonies, parades, and social gatherings are held to honor it.

The Republic of Belarus is the full name of Belarus. It is an Eastern European landlocked nation formerly a part of the Soviet Union. Currently, Belarus has shared borders with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. It was the smallest of the three Slavic republics that made up the Soviet Union before its independence in 1991; the larger two were Ukraine and Russia, its most powerful neighbor. Belarus has maintained close ties with the latter ever since becoming independent.

A variety of nations have ruled Belarus over the years. Bandkeramik civilizations were made up of the Early Slavs that lived in the area that is now Belarus, starting with the Baltic tribes. The Balts smoothly assimilated into Slavic culture.

They were followed by Kievan Rus, a sizable East Slavic power, and then the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. In order to promote Russification, the Russian Empire under Catherine the Great annexed the Belarusian territory and repressed other cultures.

The people of Belarus attempted to establish an independent nation known as Belarus during World War II, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Nazi forces invaded Belarus during World War II, decimating the populace. Belarus joined the United Nations as one of its founding members not long after being freed from the Nazis. Through a Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, Belarus eventually proclaimed its independence.


In Belarus, there is a heated public discussion over when exactly we should celebrate Independence Day. [2] The Belarusian diaspora and numerous political movements in Belarus celebrated Independence Day on March 25 as the anniversary of the Belarusian Democratic Republic's proclamation of independence in 1918. [2] [5] The day is still frequently observed as Freedom Day by Belarusian diaspora residents and supporters of the democratic opposition in Belarus.


A military parade put on by the Minsk Garrison of the Belarusian Armed Forces is the major attraction of Independence Day. Barysaw, Gomel, Brest, Dzyarzhynsk, Haradok, Vitebsk, and Mogilev all host parades as well. After the formal portion, the festive social events begin. The day before, a solemn ceremony was held in the Independence Palace under the auspices of the President of Belarus. Because 2014 and 2019 marked the 70th and 75th anniversaries of Belarus' freedom, respectively, the holidays were recently observed with much more significance. Both times, the yearly procession featured Military Academy cadets dressed as Belarusian Partisans from the Soviet era and began at nine o'clock in the evening. In the latter ceremony, a fireworks show honoring the anniversary was put out by the Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow.

Social events

Celebrations and festivities are staged all around the nation. In the evening, fireworks are organized in Minsk. In Gomel, a number of performances and events are held with a focus on the Belarusian identity. In recent years, a nationwide initiative called Let's Sing the Anthem Together (Russian: аватe соем имн вместе) has been held to encourage everyone who can sing the national anthem (My Belarus) to do so at a specific time.

At the conclusion of mass on July 3, Catholics sing the spiritual song "Almighty God" (Belarusian: Magutnyj Boa).


How is Independence Day in Belarus Celebrated?

In Minsk's Pobeditilei Avenue, a sizable military parade serves as the holiday's centerpiece. There will be fireworks displays, concerts, and events honoring Belarusian culture in the evening.

President Lukashenko observed Independence Day in 2018 by saying. We are commemorating Independence Day, which has come to represent our right to a free and peaceful life. The day that Minsk Hero City was freed from the Nazis on July 3, more than 20 years ago, was chosen as the primary national holiday by Belarusians without any disagreement.

Independence Day in Belarus Timeline

201 A.D.

Belarus welcomes Baltic tribes

Balto-Slavic tribes from the Baltic region settled the Belarusian territory.


Russia becomes the dominant power

Invading its neighbors, including Belarus, the Russian Empire starts the Russification process.


Nazi Germany is in charge of Belarus

German Nazis invade Belarus and wreak havoc on the area, obliterating all towns and slaughtering the majority of residents.


Becomes a Sovereign State:

Belarus Following the Supreme Soviet elections, Belarus declares itself to be a sovereign nation.

Why WE Love Belarus Independence Day

1. We want to learn about Belarus

We take pleasure in commemorating individuals assuming national authority. We applaud the populace's spirit and commitment to independence.

2. We want to celebrate independence

Independence Day, in our opinion, is a fantastic day to learn about a people's culture. We are interested in discovering Belarusian culture.

3. We love the parades

We enjoy seeing military processions. We are excited to attend each parade because we think it's wonderful that Belarus Independence Day is observed with so many.

5 Facts About Belarus That Will Surprise You

1. Belarus Independence day celebrates two things

The 3rd of July, Belarus' Independence Day, marks more than just Belarus's independence from the Soviet Union. Additionally, it marks the liberation of the nation from Nazi tyranny.

2. The country loves potatoes

More than 300 recipes are made with potatoes in Belarus.

3. Most people don’t speak Belarusian

The majority of people in the area speak Russian or a combination of Russian and Belarusian.

4. Compulsory military service

One and a half years of military service is required of all citizens, or one year if they have attended college.

5. The country still has the death penalty

The only place in Europe where the death penalty is still in effect in Belarus.

Belarus Independence Day Activities 

1. Sing the anthem

Participate in the national anthem singing campaign. Watch the moment and join Belarusians everywhere as they sing the national song together.

2. Watch every event

Watch the celebrations all day long to take part in the events from wherever you are. With your family and friends, enjoy watching the parades and other social events on television.

3. Visit Belarus for the celebrations

Visit the nation to celebrate Belarus Independence Day in the best possible way. Get right in the middle of the festivities in Minsk, the country's capital.

Belarus Independence Day FAQS

What is Belarus famous for?

Both potatoes and tractors are well known in Belarus.

How To do Belarus celebrate independence from?

Belarus commemorates its liberation from Nazi and Soviet rule.

Is Belarus in NATO?

NATO has not admitted Belarus.

Belarus Independence Day Dates





July 3



July 3



July 3



July 3


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