American Chess Day 2022 History & How to Observe

Chess is a strategy and talent-based game that is played by both young and old all over the world. To move their pieces throughout the 64-square board, two opponents face off across a checkers-style board and alternately use their kings, queens, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns. Great players can finish off their opponents extremely fast or they can spend hours planning out each move. To win, a player must utilize his pieces to seize the opponent's, with the ultimate aim of controlling the opponent's king. Checkmate! Chess, sometimes known as "The Game of Kings," can be played the traditional method in person with a partner or online against players from around the globe.


American Chess Day

When Is American Chess Day

On September 1, American Chess Day, enthusiasts in the US can commemorate their passion for the game.



History Of American Chess Day

The US government received a note from Max Friederdorf, the president's assistant, in December 1975 regarding a proclamation that changed the date of Chess Day from the second Saturday in October to the ninth.
The game can end in 2 moves or 5949 moves depending on your ability and capacity to think and move the pieces. Chess is the ideal game to demonstrate your internal strategy and mental capacity to win.


Your understanding of chess, the reasons why National Chess Day is observed, and how we can observe the day and inspire the community to participate in chess in increasing numbers are the article's key goals. There was much debate on the date of the celebration of the Day, but after consulting the various records, we discovered that the day has been observed on October 9 since 1976.


American Chess Day Timeline

The first known mention of chess appears in a Persian manuscript.
As-Suli and al-Lajlaj, two early Muslim chess masters, discuss the game's strategy in their writings.
Origin of Modern Gaming
Rules for the game as it is currently played are created.
Alan Turing
Writing the first chess computer program is Alan Turing.


Why We Love American Chess Day

1. Chess helps the brain

After learning and practicing chess for four months, participants in a Venezuelan study saw an improvement in their IQ levels. Another study discovered that brain-taxing games, particularly for players over the age of sixty, reduce the risk of dementia in those gamers. Due to the fact that players must navigate and control both the game and their opponent, it also improves problem-solving abilities.


2. It’s an excuse to show off our skills

Chess is different from other board games. Playing checkers is open to all. ladders and rungs? No issue. But chess is a completely different level. Both your next move and every move following that must be considered at once. Additionally, you need to foresee what your adversary will do next. It's a fantastic game that requires strategy and mental agility.


3. Because President Gerald Ford said so 

After a lot of lobbying, President Ford finally took notice of the United States Chess Federation, who then got him to formally declare that the game "generates challenge, intellectual stimulation, and enjoyment for individuals of all ages." Along with Woody Allen, Madonna, former Vice President Al Gore, and Queen Elizabeth II of England, renowned chess players include President Ford and Queen Elizabeth II of England.


American Chess Day Activities

1. Teach a new player

Every sport or game needs the upcoming generation of fans. Make use of the day to introduce someone who has never played the game to it. Get the new player acquainted with the board and all of its components first. Teach them the relative importance of each piece and how each one can move around the board. Play practice games to get the player accustomed to various moves and strategies after going over all the regulations. Every time they take a turn, go over all of their potential alternatives and talk about the results of each. They'll begin to appreciate the ingenuity and thought that go into each game, and they'll fall in love. 

2. Visit The Chess District in New York City

Immerse yourself in a community that celebrates American Chess Day every day. On one of Washington Square Park's renowned outdoor tables, play a game. You may purchase chess sets from all over the world at the Village Chess Shop. Alternatively, stroll to the Marshall Chess Club, one of the country's oldest chess clubs and a frequent venue for the US Chess Championship. It was founded in 1915.

Host your own chess tournament

Do you have many pals who share your passion for chess? Bring them all together, and then pair them off for some games. Create a bracket for the tournament, then send the winners on to the final. Use chess timers to make it official, and award the winner a prize.

Interesting Facts about American Chess Day

One of the most well-known games in the world, chess has a lot of fascinating history, events, and design. Listed below are a few facts that might astound you.


  • Chess is a time-consuming and mental game, but depending on your skill, you may be able to finish it in a few moves.

  • Chess players are allowed a total of "5,949 moves," which is deducted from the overall permutation and combination.

  • Chess helps us build our tactical, strategic, and visual skills as well as our mental agility.

  • The checkerboard, with its criss-crossing pattern of black and white squares, was first found in Europe in 1090.

  • Even the development of strong attention skills is aided by chess.

  • Many skilled chess players were needed to create and decipher the enemy's strategy during World War II, and Alexander's team succeeded in cracking the Nazi Enigma code.

  • In 1989, Nikolic and Arsovic played the world's longest chess game, which lasted 269 moves and ended in a Match draw.

  • Do you know the phrase Checkmate, which is a translation of the Arabic phrase Shah Mat or The King is Dead, which means The King is Dead.

How Can We Observe American Chess Day

Chess Day has been celebrated in more than 200 nations. 189 chess federations are affiliated with FIDE. 30 percent of the more than 605+ million chess players regularly played in tournaments.

Numerous competitions are held in observance of Chess Day, often known as American chess day. You can join and become a member of a chess club in many places around the globe to become a part of the chess community.


American Chess Day FAQS

When was the first American chess tournament held?

The American Chess Congress, which preceded the present U.S. Chess Championship, was a series of chess competitions held in the United States. The first performance was in October 1857, and the last was in August 1923. There were nine editions. 

Who is the current US chess champion?

GM Wesley So is the 2021 U.S. Chess Champion after winning the playoff tiebreakers. So, Fabiano Caruana, and Sam Sevian shared first position in the 2021 U.S. Chess Championship after 11 rounds of competition.

Why is chess important today?

Chess can help you plan ahead, take your time making decisions, and analyze the benefits and drawbacks of various options. This pertains to the difficulties we encounter in daily life, and just like in chess, we strive to make the best decisions to create favorable outcomes for our lives.

Is chess popular in the USA?

According to Laura Nystrom,'s spokeswoman, the site's membership increased from 30 million users before the epidemic to 69 million users at the moment. The website had an average of 1 million daily active users in March 2020. That number has now increased to 4 million.

American Chess Day Dates





September 1



September 1



September 1



September 1



September 1



The American Chess Day is celebrated every year on the 1 of September. Many people start thinking about their plans for the day before it arrives. However, many aren’t aware that there are other ways to get involved in this special day besides playing chess at a tournament or participating in a friendly game with friends. You can also hold an American Chess Day event and make history by bringing together like-minded individuals who love this delightful game.

I sincerely hope that this will be useful to you; keep reading to learn more about the various fascinating facts.

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