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The 18th of September is National First Love Day. The first butterflies in the stomach, the first date, and that initial spark with a romantic partner are all commemorated on this day. We all fall in love with someone we admire, and today is the perfect day to reflect on the first time we did. It's a melancholy occasion that can be commemorated in a variety of ways. Do you recall who was your first love?

National First Love Day
National First Love Day

When Is National First Love Day?

On September 18, National First Love Day, the unique, unexplainable experience of first love is remembered.

History Of National First Love Day

National First Love Day was established in 2015 and is observed every year across the United States. The holiday originated in the United States and is now observed annually across the country. Nobody knows who or why this day was formed. All we know is that it was done while someone was recalling their first romantic partner. This national festival was kicked off by the beautiful melancholy of recollections.

There were previously holidays to celebrate love before the holiday was formed, such as the well-known Valentine's Day on February 14th and National Love Day on September 30th. Both of these holidays commemorate a special day for their current relationship or someone special in their lives. National First Love Day can be commemorated in the same way as Valentine's Day, but it's more of a nostalgic stroll down memory lane.

It was made to remind us of where it all began in our own lives and others' lives. It was established, in part, to rekindle memories of the first time we felt love in a romantic relationship. These reminders could be beneficial or harmful. Last year, "Entertainment News" published an article on National First Love Day that featured celebrities and their first loves, which is a great way to commemorate the day.

Love has no beginning date, yet it began when the first human stepped into this earth because it is innate. Love is a sensation and emotion that we can offer to others and receive in an infinite number of ways, but this day was created specifically to commemorate our first love.

National First Love Days Around The World






The Brazilian holiday of Lovers Day is widely observed.

June 12

Dia dos Namorados


The day of love is commemorated by the creation of'mocaorà,' marzipan miniatures.

October 9

Day of Saint Dionysius


On this day, uniquely handcrafted wooden spoons are exchanged by lovers.

January 25

Dydd Santes Dwynwen


On this day, couples exchange one-of-a-kind handcrafted wooden spoons.

February 14

St. Trifon Zarezan


This occasion is synonymous with chocolate and love.

February 14

National Chocolate Day

By The Number

96% - the proportion of people who marry their first love and expect to stay with them until death.

88% - the percentage of people in the United States who marry for love.

61% - the proportion of men and women who say they want to marry because they love each other.

20% - the proportion of teenagers who are involved in a romantic relationship.

20% - the proportion of first-love marriage couples who contemplated divorcing.

15% - the proportion of teenagers who are involved in a serious relationship.

Traditions Of The Day

The thrill of first love is unlike anything else: passionate, intense, and powerful. It may be a sad memory for some, but for others, it may be a happy one because they are still with their first love!

Lovers take a journey down memory lane, reminiscing about their first love. Some people even try again and send a message to their original love. Many people are compelled by nostalgia to check in on their early lives and may even become hopeful. Those who are still in love with their one and only celebrate by going on dates, establishing new memories, and cherishing one another.

National First Love Day FAQS

What are some good places to celebrate?

Take your companion to a place where you both appreciate the food. Another suggestion is to go to the movies, because, as previously stated, viewing a love film is a way to celebrate. Any romantic outing is a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion.

What if someone is single on National First Love Day?

They ought to pamper themselves! They can remember how they loved someone and return that love to themselves in the form of self-love. They could also spend the day with a loved one, such as a family member or close friend.

Is this holiday celebrated worldwide?

Only the United States commemorates National First Love Day. It is a national holiday in the United States that is observed every year.

Why We Love National First Love Day

1. It was a lesson learned

Most first loves wind up being our first heartbreaks, but we learn from them and apply what we've learned to our own growth. It molds and refines us in preparation for the next time we fall in love.

2. It was the best of times

Our first love opens up a whole new world for us that we might not be able to find in someone else. It's the start of something new, and it's something lovely you may share with someone special in your life.

3. They are memories and stories worth sharing

Experiences shape who we are, and stories can emerge from them that are sad, joyous, or even hilarious. It's the memories that can't be replaced, but which can be recalled and passed down to future generations when asked about our own unique love stories.

5 Facts About First love

1. Romeo and not Juliet?

Romeo was in love with Juliet's cousin, Rosaline, in the Shakespeare plot, but she is never seen in the play.

2. Broken hearts are real

A broken heart is more than an emotion; it's a health hazard that can lead to shortness of breath, chest pain, low blood pressure, and heart failure.

3. Love never dies

Bob Humphries and Bernie Bluett were childhood sweethearts who lost contact during WWII but reconnected 70 years later.

4. Breaking records together

At 84 years, Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher hold the Guinness World Record for the longest marriage.

5. Fight or flight

According to studies, being attracted to someone causes your heart to beat quicker and faster, triggering the "fight or flight" response.

National First Love Day Dates




September 18



September 18



September 18



September 18



September 18



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