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The 8th of August is International Cat Day, a day to honor one of man's oldest and most popular pets. They've even been referred to as gods (we see you, Egypt.) Cats are one of the coolest creatures on the planet: they are self-sufficient, inquisitive, adventurous, possess a wonderful physiognomy, and have the ability to heal themselves – at least most of the time.

International Cat Day
International Cat Day

When is International Cat Day?

On August 8, 2022, we honor our mysterious feline companions with International Cat Day.



History Of International Cat Day

Cats are carnivorous tiny hairy mammals with four legs, a tail, and claws that have been kept as pets by humans from ancient times, despite the fact that they descended from the African Wildcat and were once employed to catch vermin.


The first historical human record of cats can be found in the culture of Ancient Egypt. We all seem to associate cats with Egyptians due to their veneration and worship of cats as gods. During the First Dynasty, Mafdet was the first known cat deity, and he was regarded as a guardian against snakes, scorpions, and evil, therefore cats were not only deities, but also protectors.


Cats became popular all across the world once the Egyptian Dynasty fell apart! Cats were initially held by rich and wealthy individuals in the East, and they were utilized as pest control by the Greeks and Romans. However, during the Middle Ages in Europe, cats were associated with superstition and were suspected of transmitting the sickness during the Black Death of 1348, which is why so many cats were killed during that time period, and it wasn't until the 1600s that cats' reputation began to improve.


Cats were part of the cargo on the colonization ships in America to keep vermin and sickness at bay, thus those cats landed and thrived. Cats appear to be one of the iconic idols in modern civilization, with an estimated half-billion of them. Cats have had their own holiday since 2002, courtesy to the "International Fund for Animal Welfare."

International Cat Day By The Number

18% - the proportion of households in the United Kingdom RULED by a cat.

30 mph - the top speed of a house cat.

1963 - the year a cat was successfully sent into space.

7 million - the net worth of the richest cat on the Earth.

48.5 - the longest cat in history in terms of length.

20 - the number of years that an orange cat named 'Stubbs Served was mayor of a small Alaskan town.

70% - The Cats sleep for a large portion of their sales.

9,500 - the number of years ago that the oldest-known pet cat existed


International Cat Day Traditions

On International Cat Day, cats are treated like royalty. Not that they aren't treated and lavished with love on most days, but today they are especially so.


Cats are the most demanding members of the family, so the day is spent buying them their favorite treats and expensive catnip, allowing them to shred to their hearts' content, allowing them to wail, and even tuning in to their favorite TV show (there are videos on the internet of cats obediently watching Tom and Jerry.


Not every cat is fortunate enough to have a loving home where it can live comfortably. Because stray cats face abuse and injury as a result of car accidents and other unpleasant conditions, donations to animal shelters and welfare organizations are significant. Cats are also adopted and adopted, particularly by children who are acquiring their first pet.

International Cat Day Activities


1. Treat them with "catness"

Even if you despise cats, remember to treat them with love and respect. Use this opportunity to raise awareness about cat respect on social media.

2. Spend some time with your fluffy babies


If you have a cat, International Cat Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and show your affection for your pet.

3. Time to share with those that are in need

There are many homeless cats all around the world, and what better way to show them love and respect than by providing them with food and supplies.


International Cat Day FAQS


How is International Cat Day celebrated?

You can join in the celebrations of International Cat Day by adopting a new cat, feeding stray cats, or simply indulging your own pets. Show a cat some purring love wherever you find one.

Do cats like to be hugged?

Most cats are extremely affectionate, and they enjoy nuzzling and giving embraces while purring loudly and soothingly. However, some cats are irritated by excessive affection, so always make sure you're doing what your cat is comfortable with, otherwise, you risk a warning.

Is today National Hug Your Cat Day?

Well, if it's today, June 4, you're in luck! Give your cat a huge embrace and tell him or her how much you adore them.

Why We Love International Cat Day


1 Fuzzy stress relievers


It has been clinically shown that cats, simply by being themselves, contribute to promote mental health as stress relievers! Our bodies produce stress-relieving chemicals when we pet a fluffy kitten.


2 We love all living beings


Holidays like today demonstrate that we, as humans, appreciate all living beings, and that there are more people who respect and adore cats than those who do not.


3 A lovely reminder


It's tempting to believe that we are the most important beings in the world, but we are not alone, so we must respect the rights of other species and do our share, beginning with our pets.


International Cat Day Dates

August 8Monday2022
August 8Tuesday2023
August 8Thursday2024
August 8Friday2025
August 8Saturday2026

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